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Housing Corporation

Delta Rho Chapter House Association, Inc.

For the Delta Delta Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity to survive and prosper, the active members of the fraternity need to be engaged, fiscally responsible and operate within the guidelines of the University of Florida and the National Fraternity.

To maintain a top-notch, core group within the organization and the meet the fraternity's annual and long-range fiscal obligations, we need to maintain an active membership of about 125-150 brothers and the House should be at 95% occupancy.  These guidelines have been established and accepted by the Fraternity. 

Delta Rho Chapter House Association, Inc. understands that both the active and the alumni members will have to work together if we are to continuously meet these goals.  The upkeep and maintenance of the Fraternity House is the single most important aspect of meeting these goals.  Without an attractive, functioning and fiscally sound house, the membership / housing goals will not be met and the fraternity will not survive in the long-run!

While the responsibility for running a quality program and developing a sense of brotherhood that attracts a strong membership of good young men is the top priority for actives, they must also care for and maintain the house in a manner that is appealing and acceptable to actives and alumni alike.

For our part, the Delta Delta Alumni must provide for the long term support of the house.  Without that support, the house will fall into a state of disrepair, the bonds of our brotherhood will gradually diminish and our Chapter will again, fail!

Please support the Housing Corporation through your generous donation, today!

If you would like to be involved in the Housing Corporation or would like to make an in-kind donation, please send us an email at mstevens@ssbrm.com


Thanks for your continued support!